Gia and Anthony: The Hottest Couple in All of Sin City

Gia and Anthony add international flavor to the already diverse roster of Voyeur House. While most of our residents live in various parts of Europe, Gia and Anthony reside in the US of A. Let’s see what they bring to the table, shall we?

Gia and Anthony: A Closer Look

Gia is a blond-haired MILF with a chubby body. Instead of trying to hide her pudginess, the blonde embraces it. She thinks that she looks great not in spite of but because of her big fat breasts, meaty ass, chubby things, and soft tummy. She’s also somewhat pale.

Unsurprisingly enough, Anthony is a total DILF. He’s a bald-headed black man with an insatiable appetite for hardcore sex. Even though we hate to stereotype, it bears mentioning that Anthony has a BBC. It’s all true, y’know?

Gia and Anthony’s Best Real Hidden Camera Sex Videos

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Let’s kick things off by introducing Gia. The blond-haired girl shows her thick body and a nice set of big boobs while masturbating in front of the TV. She’s completely naked and 100% ready to cum as fast as humanly possible. Gia is not a prude by any means, so she decides to use a toy. Speaking of which, dildos and vibrators are used frequently by this couple. Maybe you prefer real hidden camera sex with adult toys? Who knows.

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The second voyeur video show that Anthony is NOT a selfish lover. Way too many dues out there are not willing to please their ladies. Anthony, on the other hand, is ready to enjoy engage in some muff diving. No matter how long it’s going to take, he’s going to make sure that Gia cums buckets. In fact, we can clearly see him savoring her pussy juices. Now that’s true love, folks!

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This is the first banging session we’ve seen from those two. Due to the slow build-up, our expectations were really high. Believe it or not, Gia and Anthony managed to exceed every expectation with their quickie. Yeah-yeah, it wasn’t even a full-fledged passion session, it was just a simple quickie that saw Anthony jackhammering Gia’s moist pussy in a modified missionary position.

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Let’s look at one more video that showcases this couple’s playfulness. Gia was making breakfast (nothing out of the ordinary) and Anthony approached her with a single goal in his mind. He wanted to bang that pussy. He wanted to enjoy some spur-of-the-moment boning with the love of his life. Even though this video doesn’t feature acrobatic fucking or anything perverse, it still is utterly captivating. True love/passion/chemistry can go a long way, as evidenced by this hidden cam sex video.

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Okay, here’s the last video we have for you. This you can use an example of what to expect from Gia and Anthony. It features cunnilingus, along with missionary and doggy style fucking. Gia is amazing when it comes to dirty talking, moaning, and “selling” the pleasure. What’s also interesting is that Anthony seems to have a foot fetish. Who could possibly blame him, though? MILF feet are attractive and it’s kinda weird if you don’t want to kiss them/suck on those toes or something along those lines.